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Arrival & Mobility

Conference city Freiburg – central location – easily accessible!
Freiburg im Breisgau is located in the heart of Europe, in the south west of Germany and in the middle of the tri-national metropolitan region of the Upper Rhine. Freiburg is easily accessible from near and far and also offers a good infrastructure locally with short routes, bus and tram.

Travelling to Freiburg

Nachhaltig reisen mit der DB

© Deutsche Bahn AG

By train

  • ICE connections on north-south axis during the day on an hourly basis
  • Easily accessible internationally
    • From France via TGV, direct links Freiburg – Paris
    • From Switzerland and Italy, from Milan via Basel
  • Deutsche Bahn event ticket  
    Travel affordably and green to Freiburg, at preferential prices of the event ticket and with 100% eco-power
Book your DB journey to Freiburg now!

By bus

  • Connection to national long-distance bus routes
  • Connection to international bus connections
  • Airport shuttle bus (Euroairport – Freiburg)
  • Various bus companies
Fernbus auf dem Busbahnhof Freiburg

© FWTM-Behrendt

Autobahn mit Ausfahrtschild Freiburg


By car

  • Motorway A5 (Frankfurt - Basel)
  • The complete city centre is a pedestrian zone; please use the signposted parking options Freiburg parking guidance system
  • Most hotels in the city centre are located within the Freiburg pedestrian zone
  • Emission sticker in Freiburg:
    Please observe the directions regarding the environmental zone in Freiburg. The entire city centre is an environmental zone and may be driven in only with a green fine dust sticker. Information about the emission sticker.

By aeroplane

  • Euroairport Basel-Freiburg-Mulhouse (Freiburg Airport 55min bus)
  • Connection to many European cities
  • Various national and international airlines
  • Practical shuttle service (bus or train)
Anreise & Mobilität

© EuroAirport

Mobility in Freiburg


One advantage of the MICE city Freiburg are the short distances. You can easily reach the event buildings and hotels, which are near the centre, on foot, while the city bus and tram network is also well developed.

Tram, bus & train

With tram, S-Bahn and regional trains, the city of Freiburg and the region possesses a very good local public transport network.
In this way, your guests can move easily and conveniently through the city.
Additionally, with the conference ticket of the Regio Verkehrsverbund Freiburg, your event participants can travel at a reduced rate for the duration of the conference.

Straßenbahn in Freiburg

© FWTM-Behrendt

Fahrrad auf Wiwillíbruecke in Freiburg |Freiburg_Wiwilibrücke mit Fahrrad Copyright FWTM-Schultheiß

© FWTM-Schultheiß


Without question, the bicycle is the means of transport of choice in Freiburg. Many cycle paths and bicycle streets allow cyclists to get around quickly in the city.
With Frelo, your participants and guests have the opportunity to hire a bike and to ride it on the short distances from the hotel to the conference or explore the city.
We have put together for you more practical tips on bikes in the mobility service providers section.


Freiburg city centre is a pedestrian zone; all the hotels and conference sites in the centre can be reached very easily on foot.

Short distances can also be travelled in Freiburg by tram or city bus; the individual city districts are excellently connected.

Stele des Fussgaengerleitsystems in Freiburg

© FWTM-Schnieder

Parkleitsystem-Anzeigetafeln in Freiburg

© FWTM-Krause


The entire Freiburg city centre is a pedestrian zone.  
With the parking guidance system, you will find convenient parking spaces in one of the many multi-storey car parks.
Also be aware that large parts of the city are part of the environmental zone and may be driven in only with a corresponding sticker.

Disabled friendliness

Freiburg places great importance on the disabled friendliness in the city. Freiburg city centre and many squares, such as the Münsterplatz in the centre, offer disabled-friendly access despite the cobbled pavements.
The city guide “Freiburg für alle” (Freiburg for everyone) is available free of charge for people with mobility limitations and provides information about all the disabled-friendly services.

Rollstuhlmosaik aus Rheinkieseln| Freiburg Barrierefreiheit Copyright FWTM-Morganti

© FWTM-Morganti

Freiburg mobility service providers

In order that your event participants can prepare optimally in terms of mobility in Freiburg, we have put together for you a selection of mobility service providers in the city. Here you will find the telephone numbers of taxi companies, a list of car hire firms as well as information on where you can hire bikes in Freiburg.

  • Frelo - Fahrradverleihsystem Freiburg
    Web: frelo-freiburg.de/de/
    E-Mail: kundenservice@frelo-freiburg.de

    Freiburger Fahrradverleihsystem
    (Registrierung über die Website, mit der App, vor Ort am Terminal oder über die Hotline), man kann die Leihräder an einer der vielen Stationen ausleihen oder zurückgeben 

    Fahrradverleih in der Radstation Freiburg
    Wentzingerstraße 15
    79106 Freiburg 
    Tel.: +49  176 54329898
    Web: freiburgbikes.de
    E-Mail: info@freiburgbikes.de 

    Verleih von City-, Touren-, Mountainbikes, E-Bikes + E- Mountainbikes, Trekkingbikes, Tandem, Kinderräder, sowie Fahrradzubehör (Kinderanhänger, Kindersitze)

    Radstation Hauptbahnhof Freiburg  
    Wentzingerstraße 15 
    79106 Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 761 2859830 
    Web : radstation-freiburg.de
    E-Mail: info@radstation-freiburg.de 

    Fahrradverleih (via FREIBURGbikes in der Radstation Freiburg)

    FahrRADikal GmbH & CO. KG
    Greiffeneggring 1
    79098 Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 761 - 76 60 781
    Web: rad-ikal.com
    E-Mail: info@fahrradikal.de

    Fahrradgeschäft mit Fahrradverleih
    (Mountainbikes, E-Mountainbikes)
    Handel mit Liege-, Falt- und anderen Spezialrädern, Beratung zu Spezialrädern, Fahrradzubehör.

    Sport Kiefer Verleih-Center Freiburg 
    Schützenallee 9 
    79102 Freiburg 
    Tel.: +49 761 15648565 
    Web: sport-kiefer.de
    E-Mail: verleih@sport-kiefer.de 

    Fahrradgeschäft mit Fahrradverleih (Fahrräder, E-Bikes)
    Verleih-Center eines Sportgeschäfts, Leihartikel Online, per E-Mail oder am Telefon reservieren 

  • TAXI Freiburg 55.55.55 GmbH

    Tel.: +49 (0761) 555555

  • ADAC
    Tel.: +49 (0) 89 76762099
    Web: autovermietung.adac.de

    Vermietung über Hertz und Sixt
    Vorteilspreise für ADAC-Mitglieder

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 137450
    Web: enterprise.de

    Pick-up station: St. Georgener Straße 10, 79111 Freiburg

    FUN-LIMOS - Chauffeurservice – Limousinenservice - airportservice
    Leonhard Hatzenbühler
    Tel.: +49 761 8815791
    Mobil: 0163 555 85 80
    E-mail: fun-limos@online.de
    Web: fun-limos.de

    Pick-up station: Gewerbestraße 19, 79194 Gundelfingen

    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 515100
    Web: europcar.de

    Pick-up station: Lörracher Straße 10, 79115 Freiburg

    Hertz Autovermietung
    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 8885620
    Web: hertz.de

    Pick-up station: St. Georgener Straße 19, 79115 Freiburg

    Kuhner Avis Mietpark
    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 19719
    E-mail: freiburg@kuhner-mietpark.de
    Web: kuhner-mietpark.de

    Pick-up station: St. Georgener Straße 7, 79111 Freiburg

    Jakobi Autovermietung
    Tel.: +49 (0) 1805 478090
    E-mail: info@jakobi-mobility.de
    Web: jakobi-mobility.de

    Pick-up station:  Lörracher Straße 49, 79115 Freiburg

    Autovermietung Schopp
    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 702177
    E-mail: info@autovermietung-schopp.de
    Web: autovermietung-schopp.de

    Pick-up station: Haslacherstraße 4, 79115 Freiburg

    Regio Rent Autovermietung
    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 475011
    E-mail: info@regio-rent.de 
    Web: regio-rent.de

    Pick-up station: Robert-Bunsen-Straße 15, 79108 Freiburg

    Stimpfle Autovermietung Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 473429
    E-mail: stimpfle-freiburg.de
    Web: stimpfle-freiburg.de

    Pick-up station: Hausener Weg 8, 79111 Freiburg

    Tel.: +49 (0) 761 897 5555
    E-mail: info@phaeton-gmbh.com
    Web: phaeton-gmbh.com

    Limousinen- und Chauffeur-Service in Freiburg und Umgebung