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Are you looking for a suitable restaurant for your event or require culinary tips for an evening meet of your conference guests? The culinary landscape in Freiburg is so diverse and varied that a trip to the Upper Rhine is worth it for this alone. Here, among the countless gastronomical highlights, you will find the ideal option for your occasion. In the old town, you can enjoy Freiburg’s culinary highlights.

Blick auf Terrasse eines Gasthauses in der Freiburger Altstadt

© FWTM-Mende

Freiburg's culinary highlights can be enjoyed in the old town.



Authentic, quaint Baden inns, lively student bars, restaurants with refined regional cuisine, eateries with international character and top restaurants of the star chefs – those in connoisseur mood will definitely find what they are looking for. Whether regional specialities or international cuisine – choose from the rich selection of restaurants and thus offer your event participants a culinary highlight in Freiburg. At our tourism portal visit.freiburg, you will find a large selection of restaurants.



In addition to their stationary service, many restaurants offer specially tailored catering concepts. Here, local butchers are also a strong partner for the physical needs for your conference. Many catering firms offer classic buffet variations to choice and score points with local specialities and regional products from the area around Freiburg.

Auswahl leckerer Dessertvariationen in Gläschen| Freiburg Plaza Culinaria Copyright FWTM-Kaeflein

© FWTM-Kaeflein

Delicious dessert variations.

So that you can find the ideal catering partner for your event in Freiburg, we have put together a selection for you. In addition to partners from Freiburg directly, you will also find in our selection companies from the area around Freiburg.

Please be aware that some conference localities are already supported by strong catering partners.

  • Business Catering Freiburg

    Hermann-Mitsch-Str. 3
    79108 Freiburg 
    Tel.: +49 761 6108950
    Mail: hermann.vetter@businesscatering-freiburg.de
    Web: tagungscatering.de

    DEGUSTO Feinkost GmbH

    Bismarckallee 9
    79098 Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 761/211 73 44
    Mail: info@degusto-feinkost.de
    Web: degusto-feinkost.de

    Party-Service Müller-Herkommer GmbH

    Habsburger Str. 65
    79104 Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 761/382511
    Mail: info@mueller-herkommer.de
    Web: mueller-herkommer.de

    Partyservice & Catering Obere Metzgerei Franz Winterhalter GmbH

    Schwarzwaldstraße 4
    79215 Elzach im Schwarzwald
    Tel.: +49 7682/9088-35
    Mail: partyservice@obere-metzgerei.de
    Web: obere-metzgerei.de 

    Naschhäusle Party-Service und Catering
    Inh. Alexandra Müller e. K.

    Am Galgenacker 9
    79232 March
    Tel.: +49 7665/941428
    Mail: info@naschhaeusle.de
    Web: naschhaeusle.de 

    Wolfshöhle Freiburg

    Konviktstraße 8
    79098 Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 761/30303
    Mail: info@wolfshoehle-freiburg.de
    Web: wolfshoehle-freiburg.de 

    Zahner Feinkost GmbH

    Mitscherlichstr. 3
    D-79108 Freiburg
    Tel.: +49 761 500 444-40
    Mail: info@zahner-feinkost.de
    Web: zahner-feinkost.de