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Green Meeting

Green meetings in the Green City Freiburg
Companies – especially in the MICE industry - bear a high portion of responsibility for sustainable development in society.  
Planning events sustainably is very simple in the Green City Freiburg. Environmentally friendly actions are anchored in the Freiburg economy like in hardly any other city in Germany. This, of course, also applies to the local conference industry, hotel industry and catering industry. Many partners of the MICE industry have already developed measures for sustainable actions and integrate these actively into their practical everyday activities.

Green Meeting
Solarfassade Hauptbahnhof Freiburg| Freiburg Green City quer Copyright FWTM-Schoenen

© FWTM-Schoenen

Sustainability in the conference industry in Freiburg

At this point, we would like to give you an overview of the sustainable commitment of our MICE partners. Here we would also like explicitly to highlight non-certified but sustainable measures that our partners are successfully implementing in their individual sustainability management concepts.

The commitment to green meetings in Freiburg focuses on ecological, economic and social measures already practised by the MICE actors such as hotels, localities, caterers as well as other service providers. The objective here is to deal with resources responsibly and to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. There is also a sustainable focus in the local infrastructure as well as in travel to and from the city that contributes to green meetings in Freiburg.

Sustainable travel to and from the city & local mobility

The mobility of your participants makes a significant contribution to the carbon footprint of your event. With the Deutsche Bahn conference ticket, your participants travel to Freiburg with 100% eco-power and thus on a carbon-neutral basis. The city rail lines in Freiburg are also operated completely with eco-power. With the conference ticket of the Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg (RVF), you can offer your participants the free use of the local public transport. The participant ID becomes a travel pass in city trains, buses and regional trains.

Hauptbahnhof Freiburg

© FWTM-Spiegelhalter

Freiburg can be reached easily and ecologically by train.

Sustainable event sites and hotels

In Freiburg you will find a large selection of conference locations that work in a particularly resource-friendly manner. They obtain their energy from carbon-neutral sources or even produce it themselves, such as the Kongresszentrum Konzerthaus, the Freiburg Trade Fair and numerous hotels with their solar systems. The Freiburg Trade Fair goes a step further: the heat energy for the exhibition halls is obtained from the waste heat of the power plant of a nearby industrial firm and uses collected rainwater for the toilet flushes.

Sonnenkollektoren auf dem Dach der Messe Freiburg

© FWTM-Spiegelhalter

Solar collectors at Freiburg Trade Fair provide for ecological power.

In the hotel industry, too, there are modern concepts, such as at the Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria. The environmentally friendly four-star hotel uses alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and water for an energy-saving climatisation of the hotel. In this way, resources are protected without impeding on the comfort of the guests. The hotel has already been recognised several times for its sustainability concept, including as the world’s most environmentally friendly chain and partnership hotel in 2004, with the city of Freiburg’s environment award in 2011, while in 2016 it received the European “Green Brand” quality seal for its exemplary environmental orientation.

Sonnenkollektoren Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria

© FWTM-Spiegelhalter

Solar panels on the roof of the Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria.

Regional cuisine - tasty environmental protection

Many catering providers place importance on regionality and prefer local products for their creations. They thus not only contribute to shorter transport routes for the goods, but also secure a high level of quality for themselves thanks to the short routes, while simultaneously supporting the local businesses. Thanks to the special climatic conditions in our region, particularly tasty fruit and vegetables grow here. The Freiburg catering businesses and conference caterers are especially glad to process these, thus making a further contribution to resource protection for your event.

Feldsalat  angerichtet in kleinen Gläschen| Freiburg Feldsalat Copyright FWTM


Regional speciality: field salad with bacon and croutons.