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Our services for your event

We know them all!
Anyone who, like us, has been advising conference planners in the selection of suitable service providers for over 25 years is excellently connected and can draw on unlimited resources. Event agencies support you in shaping your programme and bring variety into your conference activities. HR service providers flexibly complement your team on site. We know the specialists for technical challenges. We know service providers for additional furniture and decoration, as well as partners for external advertising, printeries and photographers.

Leistungen Convention Bureau Freiburg

An overview of our services

  • Independent and free advice
  • Central contact and information source
  • Mediation, booking and management of hotel allotments for conference participants
  • Mediation of supporting programmes and incentives
  • Performance of site inspections, educational trips as well as information events
  • Proactive advertising of events & support in advertising conferences
  • Touristic information material for event planners and your participants
  • Connection to partners, service providers and locations
Leistungen Details

Our aim is to win conferences for Freiburg and to support the customers in the planning, organisation and implementation as well as the post-processing with a selected range of services.

Independent and free advice

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Suitable advice for you - free and independent.

As the convention office of the city of Freiburg, we are independent. With our Location and Incentive Finder, we give you the chance to gain an impression for yourself of suitable providers. Should you require more information in your search for an ideal location or special advice after an initial selection, we are gladly there for you. 

Our advice is free of charge for you. You are welcome to contact us via our contact form or speak to us in person.

Contact and information source

The Freiburg Convention Bureau is the central information source for all who would like to choose Freiburg as the location for their event, are planning an event and require further information to this end.

Additionally, the information offer is directed at local partners, institutions, companies and service providers who have questions related to current events in the MICE city of Freiburg.

We gladly advise you on the individual enquiries and are at your side with help and advice so that your event in Freiburg becomes a success.

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The Freiburg Convention Bureau - central information source for MICE matters in Freiburg.

Hotel allotment service

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Freiburg offers many accommodation options for your guests.

We offer a special service for conference organisers in Freiburg: we support you in finding suitable hotels, enquire about hotel allotments on site for you, manage these and provide you with an individual booking route of the hotel allotments for your event website, via which the participants can book their room.

We have summarised further information on our accommodation service for you in the Meeting guide section under Hotel service. 

Our expert Ms Schultheis is available to you as a contact for all questions related to conference bookings in Freiburg.

Supporting programme & incentives

We show you numerous possibilities as to how you can offer your conference participants a varied supporting programme during or after the event.

In our Incentive Finder you will find a selection of classic and unusual incentives that can be carried out in Freiburg.

We are glad to support you with your individual wishes and to help you find incomparable supporting and incentive programmes. 

Ms Kaiser is your contact for all matters related to incentives.

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You will find exceptional incentives in our Incentive Finder.

Site inspections, educational trips & information events

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We support you in site inspections.

Have you shortlisted several localities and would now like to visit these? We organise site inspections for you and carry these out together with you.

You can also enquire with the Freiburg Convention Bureau regarding educational trips.

The Freiburg Convention Bureau represents the MICE city at trade fairs.

Proactive advertising of events & support in advertising conferences

Bringing conferences to Freiburg and thus promoting the local conference industry – an objective of the Freiburg Convention Bureaus.

Therefore, the proactive advertising of suitable conferences as well as supporting local partners in this project constitutes an important area of responsibility of the convention office.

The range of services in this area extends from the provision of suitable image and text material to the selection of optimal localities and accommodation options to support in the search for local cooperation partners. 

On request, a supporting programme with individual wishes can also be worked out in cooperation with our partners.

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Bringing conferences to Freiburg – an objective of the Freiburg Convention Bureau.

Touristic information material for event planners and your participants

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Information material about Freiburg for the conference participants.

For conferences held in Freiburg, the Freiburg Convention Bureau offers free information material about our beautiful city.

You can also find tourist information for your participants at visit.freiburg.de.

Connection to partners, service providers & locations

As the central interface in Freiburg’s MICE activities, the Convention Bureau is optimally connected and is in close contact with the relevant local actors. 

From locations to PCOs, event service providers, catering providers and hoteliers, we find the suitable partners for you.

With the Location Finder on our website, we offer you a first direct connection with the conference sites in Freiburg. In addition to an initial overview, with the Incentive Finder you also receive the opportunity to get in touch with the service providers. 
Optimal networking with the local partners in Freiburg.

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Optimal networking with the local partners in Freiburg.

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