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The conference industry in Freiburg develops constantly and never stands still. From new events that will take place in Freiburg to the opening of new hotels and locations to practical information from the conference business - we have put together the news for you.
You can read current information as well as press releases here.

News Convention Bureau Freiburg

We are on the road for the MICE Destination Freiburg!

Verbändekongress Berlin

Associations are an important target group for the MICE market. Thus, the Freiburg Convention Bureau will specifically convince event representatives of associations of Freiburg as an attractive meeting destination at this year's Verbändekongress from September 26-28 in Berlin!


MICE Club Roadshow in Basel

On November 9, we will show 40 event planners from companies, associations and agencies at the Roadshow Basel why the MICE location Freiburg is a good choice for congresses & conferences, seminars & meetings!


Pharma Fortbildungsforum in Frankfurt

From December 5-6, we will discuss current challenges in the event industry with the PharmaFortbildungsforum with the pharmaceutical industry and physicians.




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